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We are Crew at Big Pine Schools.

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Alice Piper Memorial

AkaMya Cultural Group with Alice Piper Statue on June 2, 2014.

Honoring equal education for us all.

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Alice Piper, daughter of Pike and Annie Piper, was a 15 year-old Paiute girl living in Big Pine, California in 1924. She, along with other Indian students in Big Pine, wanted to attend Big Pine High School, but was denied because state law prohibited Native American's attendance if an Indian School was nearby. Piper sued the school district claiming the state law establishing separate schools for Indian children was unconstitutional.

The State Supreme Court ruled in her favor. Due to this historic action, the Big Pine School District and Alice Piper are memorialized as major players in the constitutional battle over the rights of Native Americans to attend public schools. The decision has been used as a precedent in other cases such as Brown vs. Board of Education.

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Solar Watch

In 2003 we installed solar panels on the roof of our car park - both providing shade and power for the community.

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